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Parenting and Anger Management

Posted by Susan Bliss on November 12, 2018 at 6:50 AM

Is it frustrating being a parent? Of course it is. How do you think God feels? He has a massive responsibility. Yet, for the most part He keeps his cool and stays out of our way. He never interferes with our free agency. How do we intend to teach our children to not Bully others? Do we Bully our own children? How many times a day do you find your child doing something right and compliment them on it. Or is it just a slew of commands, such as "Do your homeowrk, brush your teeth, go to bed, fold your laundrey", etc. ?  Taking time to notice what they are doing right and saying, hey that is great! Mentioning their strenghts and not just their weknesse builds Character. Help them to see and feel their worth as human beings. Notice what brings them joy. Say something like, you seem to enjoy reading, riding your bike, acting, science, what ever it is. Make sure that your psotiive comments out way the negative. It is destructive to call children names like stupid, idiot, or lable them with terms like selfish, uncaring, lazy, Refrain from being a Bully to your children. Otherwise, they will grow up to do the same. 

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