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Parenting and Anger Management

Posted by Susan Bliss on November 12, 2018 at 6:50 AM

Is it frustrating being a parent? Of course it is. How do you think God feels? He has a massive responsibility. Yet, for the most part He keeps his cool and stays out of our way. He never interferes with our free agency. How do we intend to teach our children to not Bully others? Do we Bully our own children? How many times a day do you find your child doing something right and compliment them on it. Or is it just a slew of commands, such as "Do your homeowrk, brush your teeth, go to bed, fold your laundrey", etc. ?  Taking time to notice what they are doing right and saying, hey that is great! Mentioning their strenghts and not just their weknesse builds Character. Help them to see and feel their worth as human beings. Notice what brings them joy. Say something like, you seem to enjoy reading, riding your bike, acting, science, what ever it is. Make sure that your psotiive comments out way the negative. It is destructive to call children names like stupid, idiot, or lable them with terms like selfish, uncaring, lazy, Refrain from being a Bully to your children. Otherwise, they will grow up to do the same. 


Posted by Susan Bliss on June 30, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I will call the following client "Patricia"for the sake of anonymity.Patricia came to get help with trauma from being raped. In our first session, Patricia told me she was crying herself to sleep every night. She appeared withdrawn.

Her main goals were better self-esteem, and to forgive herself for getting talked into going with the young man that lead to the incident that precipitated her visit. She was concerned about her appearance and wanted to feel good about herself. In our first session we worked on forgiving self, and on changing her beliefs about herself from "I am fa"t to "I am just right" and from "I am ugly" to "I am beautiful".  Immeadiately, I noticed a difference in her posture and her energy.

At her second session, I noticed her demeanor had changed. She was bubbly and excited to share her experiences of the prior week. She gave me the following feedback: "I am not crying myself to sleep anymore. I am feeling self-respect." In regards to her looks she said, "My true friends see me in my least attractive state and still like me. Feels like that event has been a blessing for me now."

Her mother reported the following at the conclusion of our third session: "That first month after the incident, it seemed like it was dragging her down. After her first session with you, she was happy, giggly and back to her old self again. She is doing way better at school, having a better attitude about school and taking responsibility in keeping her room organized."


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A young man whom I will call 'John' came to see me at the request of his boss. We worked on John's thought-patterns of putting himself down, that he felt stemmed from his father picking on him when he was little. He came for only one session. Three months later, his boss called me and said, I want you to help another young man who works for me. I don't know what you did, but John has not wanted to use Meth since! I didn't even know he had a meth addiction!




Posted by Susan Bliss on June 30, 2014 at 12:30 AM

When underlying issues are addressed, re-viewed and resolved, symptoms vanish! Partly because the emotional pain no longer needs to be covered up by the drug of choice. Also, the habit of negative thought patterns is changed! In John's case, the emotional pain that was a trigger for using was addressed and released! 

Of course, it all comes down to making choices, so if a person chooses to remain free of mood-altering substances, great! If someone picks up a cigarette after quitting, the nicotine and other addictive substances create that addictive habit again!



Change is Inevitable

Posted by Susan Bliss on May 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Whether we invite change into our lives or not, it will happen. Life is not static, but sometimes we like it that way. We get comfortable with the way things are. As creatures of habit, we get into routines. Maybe our routines are helpful and direct us the way we want to go, helping us develop into who we want to be. Other times, we may get into habits that take us away from our true potential or are even destructive to ourselves or others we love and care for. Why do we do the things we do? Why do we say the things we do? How do we change for the better? If I get to choose the change, will it be a subtle and healthy change or must it be rapid and disconcerting to my system? Sometimes our bodies say, "enough is enough" and through dis-ease, get our attention on what is needed to make necessary changes in life style, and thought patterns. Other times it may be another force outside of ourselves, like an intervention, or a court of law. Why not start with a subtle but powerful way to get to the root of your behaviors and thought patterns? A session with me gets to the deep internal issues that run our inner programs. Do you want to be happier and lead a fulfilling life that allows you to develop into who you were meant to be - your most magnificent self? Do you want that? If not, don't call me. Expect subtle but profound change from the inside out. One modality that I both pracitce and teach is Thetahealing. Learn how to do Thetahealing for yourself or others by taking my classes. Click on featured products to learn more. Become. Change. Chose Change or it will choose you.

Core Belief Session and DNA Activation

Posted by Susan Bliss on August 10, 2012 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Thursday, September 23, 2010 I worked with a client . I took the traditional approach of having her do intake paper work and I could tell she was a little taken aback by the formalities. I think she was just anxious to get down to business and experience the healing work! She talked quite a bit about her past and upbringing that she felt had an impact on her life and current relationships. I took an emotional history. I had her answer how she felt about time frames and people in her life, aka family on a scale of Dark to Light, light being more positive, and dark negative. I took her from the womb to present time, in segments. It was remarkable how many dark marks were on her emotional history chart. I felt impressed to do ThetaHealing in addition to the traditional work of Thought Pattern Management for Memory Cleanse. She conferred that that was what she came for and ThetaHealing was what she wanted. We got to work. First impression upon entering her space was to activate her DNA and in doing so, commanded healing to the Protein chains, so that she can be the best she can be. I told her that she may experience a cleansing, both emotional and physical from this process. I asked her if she knew what it felt like to be healthy and muscle tested that. She tested weak, so instilled that feeling using ThetaHealing. Then we proceeded to do “Digging” to find a negative core belief that was related to her challenges. It came down to “I am bad”. She said she felt 4 years old when she said that. Sure enough, she muscle tested positive for that belief. Using ThetaHealing, I commanded that the program of “I am bad” be pulled and replaced with “I am good”; then muscle tested to verify the new healthy program had indeed replaced the old. She immediately said I know I have another core belief I have been carrying around and she pointed to her heart. The belief, she said, was “I am a pain” Muscle testing verified this and with her permission, that belief was pulled, resolved and replaced with “I am a joy to be around” She looked much softer after our session. Her energy was shifted. Gone was the prickly defensiveness detected when she first entered my office. Miracles happen like this all the time with the help of the Creator. I must give credit due.

Nuts to you!

Posted by Susan Bliss on August 10, 2012 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Walnuts are shaped like the human brain. Once they are cracked open, you can use a small metal pick to get the rest of the nut meat out.. Is that where the saying came from "I want to pick your brain"?

The Mind Influences How We Perceive Pain

Posted by Susan Bliss on November 21, 2010 at 3:37 PM Comments comments (0)

In a Wall Street Journal book review dated August 21, 2010 by Wes Davis, the author weaves us through a series of painful events that the author, Melanie Davis experiences and studies.  This "... suffering highlights the challenges that doctors face in treating pain. Ms. Thernstrom's pain, which may have been triggered by overexertion while swimming, happened to begin on the day she became involved with a former boyfriend; the love didn't endure, but the pain did. Over the years the frustrations of romance intertwined with the discomfort she felt in her body. "Dating and physical therapy," she writes, "struck me as bleakly parallel: small, futile-feeling gestures that require faith to believe they will eventually lead you somewhere."

The meanings that patients attach to chronic discomfort (this is happening to me because of x, or hurting like this reminds me of y) can help them deal with suffering, Ms. Thernstrom says, but such metaphors and explanations can also get in the way of improvement. Chronic pain often results from disarray in the pain system itself, but if a patient assumes, for instance, that the discomfort she feels is the symptom of a tragic disease or that it signals continuing tissue damage of some kind, the anxiety itself can feed into the pain cycle. Other patients, as if remembering the Latin root of the word pain—poena, or punishment—may believe at some level that they deserve to suffer." 


This is exactly what I can help with: Beliefs and attitudes towards pain and suffering.


More quotes from the article: "Advances in functional imaging, a technology that graphically reveals the effect of thoughts and emotions on the perception of pain, are beginning to reconcile the biological view of pain with the older, spiritual view. "Pain is now understood to be neither sensation nor emotion alone," Ms. Thernstrom explains, "but rather an experience that draws upon both: the elusive intersection of three overlapping circles—cognition, sensation, and emotion."




Theta Healing

Posted by Susan Bliss on July 6, 2010 at 10:11 AM Comments comments (0)

Theta Healing is one of the most powerful modalities I have used in helping others and in working on myself. What a miracle the human body and mind is. I am reminded of my connection to All That Is when I do this work. I am just a window for the blessings of Heavenly Father to be made manifest in the lives of others. I am truly blessed to be able to do this work. You can too! If you have any intuitive ability, it can be expanded greatly by taking the training. I teach basic and advanced thetahealing. Just click on the link on my website for Theta Healing trainings to read about what you will experience in the classes. You will be certified upon completion of the course. This is something you won't want to miss :). If money is an issue, I have a plan to help you.


If you want to put your registration on "Lay away", you can begin building an account for yourself by making deposits of $50.00 or $100.00 each. I will keep track and so you can gradually pay for the next training. Get started now!:D Make your first deposit today! You are on your way to being a certified ThetaHealer listed on the international site of Vianna Stibal, the originator. Call me for more information! 801.9148.9437

Parenting Continued....

Posted by Susan Bliss on May 31, 2010 at 1:59 PM Comments comments (0)

I remember an incident that demonstrates the transfer of anxiety from parent to child. I heard my granddaughter crying downstairs. I waited to see if her parents could calm her. When her crying did not abate, I went down to help. I could clearly see the anguish and concern in her father's eyes as he held her, apparently feeling helpless. He asked me, "Why is she crying?" Quickly assessing the situation, I replied as I took the infant into my arms, "She is probably feeling your anxiey!" I felot calom and confident as I held her and her crying almost immeadiately stopped. I was right. She did need an environment and an adult who felt confident in caring for her needs. Of course, having raised five of my own, I had a little experience!